About Firnow

Firnow was founded in 2008, its predecessor is the famous domestic development technology website DIY tribe (diybl.com). It was originally a self-built private website for college students. After two years of development and accumulation. It officially started commercial operation on January 16, 2010.

Firnow has always insisted that “IT technology takes off from here” as a corporate declaration, and is committed to providing a bridge for IT technology training and IT technology internationalization, and is unremittingly committed to improving the company’s technical level and delivering IT technology talents to the country. After two years of development, it has reached 1.1 million daily views and nearly 200,000 registered users, and has gradually become one of the most influential websites in China’s IT technology industry.

Firnow now has five professional technical columns and four technical interactive channels. IT technology knowledge is transmitted in a four-dimensional way with e-books, Fino College, forum community, and online test questions as the platform; the three-step “learning-communication-practice” IT technology learning method has been promoted and won the favor of ITER.

IT technology is taking off from now on. Feinuo will accompany you to release the dream of IT.

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