Learn the Javascript Program For Beginners

Learn the Javascript Program For Beginners – Hello Gust IT candidates how are you doing today, I hope all is well, remember to keep your distance and stay at home so that the pandemic quickly passes. Now I will discuss about Javascrip, for those of you who want to become a developer you must follow this article, I will discuss how to read Javascrip programs so that you can create applications or programs.

JavaScript is considered easy to use to create attractive and interactive websites. As a result, today almost all websites use JavaScript as the programming language used to create their websites.

The convenience offered by JavaScript makes it not only used on the client side. JavaScript can be used on the server, mobile, games, desktop applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and so on.

Learn the Javascript Program For Beginners

Before discussing further I will give an understanding of what is javascript? JavaScript was first developed by Brendan Eich from Netscape under the name Mocha. Later, this name was changed to LiveScript before ending with the name JavaScript. JavaScript is the language development of LiveScript.

Now if you want to make a game you can use this javascipt, Even though it’s composed of quite complex languages, JavaScript is very flexible. Many developers have used it to build and provide various applications. Especially at this time there are also many supporting programming languages such as Node.js and others.

What is needed for learning JavaScript?

There are several applications needed to learn JavaScript, namely:

  • Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, dll).
  • Text Editor (Atom, Notepad ++, Sublime, etc.).
  • Web server, used to run program code, such as HTML and PHP which are usually combined with JavaScript.

And below are some javascript code writing programs you need to know about:

  1. Writing with Embed
  2. Writing InLine
  3. External Line
  4. Case Sensitivity
  5. Comment Writing
  6. Character Writing

And some data types that are owned by javascript:

  • String
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • Object
  • Function

JavaScript is a programming language that is quite easy to learn. Although known as a reliable website programming language, there is almost no difference with other languages in the use and writing of some program code.

The Importance of Understanding Javascript For Business Sites

Understanding and understanding the javascript program will be very good and good to give the best results, especially for a business site.

Business sites have become a very important place, especially nowadays where more and more jobs will be added online.

With the help of javascript, for site owners, especially business sites such as online gambling websites, one of them will have the best program results.

One of the Agen Sbobet who always innovates and makes programs on a website more sophisticated, easier to understand, more comfortable to use and this is one of its advantages in learning javascript programs.

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