Easy Ways to Create a Website for Beginners

Easy Ways to Create a Website for Beginners

Easy Ways to Create a Website for Beginners

As you know today, the development of the world has progressed. Many people have also realized that. The most obvious example is the use of mobile phones that are almost 90% in the world.

Easy Ways to Create a Website for Beginners

Because the use of mobile phones is very attached to people’s lives. The community has also gotten used to all the conveniences. Various needs nowadays are easily searched by online or browsing the internet.

Many people now do shopping through online sites or even applications. So some companies or traders start marketing their goods online to take prey to the online market.

Because everything is completely online, various fields of business and even many individuals now rely on their websites. The site can be used by them to sell, update information and other interests.

Here is an easy way to create a website using wordpress:

Most programmers or IT will use this one platform to create a website. It is recommended to use paid so that you can freely determine the domain name that matches the company profile.

Determine the domain name and hosting first. Because usually there are some hosting that provides a free domain hosting package so you don’t need to pay for a domain, only need to buy hosting.

Install wordpress via cpanel. This can be done when you have made a payment for cpanel access.

An important step in making a website on wordpress is this stage. After installing wordpress you can choose themes, plugins that you might need on your site.

Various features that you want to make on the website, you can get in the plugin.

If you think the way is difficult, you can use IT services to develop your website. The experts in the IT field will make the website according to the owner’s request. And they can be assigned to carry out routine maintenance so that the site’s security system is not easily penetrated by irresponsible hackers.

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